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This Week on Milk VR – Gear Indie Edition

This Week on Milk VR – Gear Indie Edition

International Space Station Milk VR

It’s been quite a busy week in the Gear VR world.  Important news related to the consumer edition coming at Oculus Connect 2, and the release of the Milk VR Community Channel, or as Samsung calls it, “Gear Indie”.  For those unfamiliar with Milk VR, it is an application on the Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset that hosts 360° videos.  There has been loads of exclusive content released for Milk VR that you can’t find anywhere else, with the only catch being that they are only able to be viewed with a Samsung Note 4/S6 phone and a Gear VR.

Gear Indie is a new channel on Milk VR with the goal of making it easier for the community to contribute videos to the app.  Before Gear Indie came out, you had to practically be a professional production studio to get stuff up on Milk VR, due to the very stringent quality requirements and other factors we are not aware of.  This is not a bad thing, as it did ensure very high quality content, but at the cost of 1 to 2 videos average being released a day.

With the release of Gear Indie comes a new surge in content, and we have been seeing a higher amount of videos appear every day on Milk VR as a result.  “This Week on Milk VR” (name subject to change) highlights the best releases every week on Milk VR.  As promised via our tweet, this has arrived on a Saturday (it’s still Saturday somewhere in the world), but we will schedule this columns release every Sunday going forward.  We figured it would be best making a separate column for Milk VR, due to Google Cardboard owners not being able to access this content.

Again, to access this content you must load up the Milk VR App on your Gear VR Headset.

So without further ado, we bring our highlights from This Week on Milk VR:

GE Neuro

GE Neuro

GE has a few other videos on Milk VR, but none of them hold a stick to this amazing 3d journey through the human brain.  It’s completely animated and done in stereoscopic.  You are even joined by a holographic head in your little vehicle you take through this man’s brain.  While all of it is extremely impressive, my personal favorite part was the miniaturization sequence at the beginning.

More Lip Sync Battle

LSB Ilana Glazer

Owning a Gear VR has turned me into a Lip Sync Battle fan.  I normally would not enjoy watching an episode on the TV, but there is something about being present in the audience and feeling the energy in the crowd that really gets me into these videos.  Also, it’s the closest you are going to get to being next to major celebrities in 360° videos.

The latest LSB video stars Ilana Glazer, well known on Broad City, belching it out to “It’s Raining Men”.

These Birds are Crazy

Black-Crowned Night Heron

Who would have thought that Samsung partnered with Smithsonian to make this video showing off the Black-Crowned Night Herons.  All I learned after watching the video is that they like to fight a lot.  At the beginning one even flies and sits on the camera.  I could see a camera like this in every area of the zoo.

Porsche Drives Long Beach

Porsche Drives Long Beach

I’ve seen a lot of racing videos, but none come close to the feeling of speed that this one gave me.  I’m not sure if it’s the loud noises or the fact that you are racing in a Porsche at blazing speeds in Long Beach.

International Space Station

International Space Station Milk VR

This video by Mirage3d is a beautifully animated representation of what the Earth might look like from the ISS.  It’s a taste of space until the real thing hopefully comes from SpaceVR.

We’ll see you next Sunday!  Until then, you can find more of our favorite Milk VR videos on the 360 Videos Directory (select Milk VR as app).

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