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This Week on Milk VR – Arizona Expedition

This Week on Milk VR – Arizona Expedition

This Week on Milk VR Arizona Feature

“This Week on Milk VR” (name subject to change) highlights the best releases every week on Milk VR.  This column will be airing every Sunday (somewhere in the USA).  We figured it would be best making a separate column for Milk VR, due to Google Cardboard owners not being able to access this content.

While last week was light on content, this week was chock full of amazing videos.  Until more videos start appearing on Milk VR, we will list all the videos and write up a bit on our favorites.

Again, to access this content you must load up the Milk VR App on your Gear VR Headset.

So without further ado, we bring our highlights from This Week on Milk VR:

My360: Nina Agdal Episode 4

My360 Nina Agdal Episode 4

Well, turns out last week wasn’t the final episode, and this one is it.  This episode picks up with Model Nina Agdal as she attends boxing practice, and takes place entirely inside the ring as she practices her boxing skills.



Check out our featured post for more information on this fantastic film.  MansLaughter is the first film released on Milk VR that uses 4 screens to show different stories all with independent audio.  You can spend more than an hour rewatching this story.

Marriott VR Postcards


We also covered this one in an article earlier in the week.  Marriott’s 3 stereoscopic 360° short videos bring you to China, Chile, and Rwanda along with a different unique traveler as you absorb the beautiful scenery and hear their tales.  It turns out you don’t have to check-in to a Marriott hotel to experience this amazing content if you already have a Gear VR.

Arizona Expeditions

Oak Creek Sedona Arizona

Relaxation doesn’t always have to take place on the beach.  Arizona Expedition takes you to various different parks throughout the state.  Witness the ducks hanging out in the park, and take in the extreme course in Flagstaff.  A few videos are unintentionally creepy, as you are in the middle of the desert with strange visual artifact effects going on.  I couldn’t help but wonder if a ghost had entered the scene?  There are 4 videos total from Arizona Expedition.

Infiniti 360 film – The Dream Road

The Dream Road

Infiniti 360 film – From Pencil to Metal

From Pencil to Metal

Rogue River Journey

rogue river journey

Skate VR

Skate VR

Well that’s all for this past week on Milk VR.  If this last week was any indication, next week should be another good one, especially with Oculus Connect 2 so close.

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  1. Matt

    I have a Galaxy S6 and UK based, how can I get Milk VR installed as it doesn’t appear on the device or the store :/

    Thanks :)

    1. Matt

      should point out I have a GearVR as well..

    2. vrpill Author

      Unfortunately, Milk VR is not available in the UK yet. Hopefully it will be available there in the future. I’ve heard of people using VPN to access it from abroad, but we can’t guide you into where to find one or how to use one.

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