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These Last two Weeks on Milk VR – Two Bullets

These Last two Weeks on Milk VR – Two Bullets

Two Bullets

“This Week on Milk VR” (name subject to change) highlights the best releases every week on Milk VR.  We have taken the liberty to change the name for this week, due to the recent drought of videos on Milk VR.  This column will be airing every Sunday (somewhere in the USA), or in this case Monday as we were very busy with Oculus Connect 2.  We figured it would be best making a separate column for Milk VR, due to Google Cardboard owners not being able to access this content.

We have decided to go back to featuring just the best videos we have found on Milk VR.  There was a quality 360° stereoscopic baseball video as well as some zombie action with subtitles.

Again, to access this content you must load up the Milk VR App on your Gear VR Headset.

So without further ado, we bring our highlights from This Week (or these last two weeks) on Milk VR:

Bryce Harper: Win from Within

Bryce Harper Win From Within

Bryce Harper is an American baseball player for the Washington Nationals team.  At 6 ft 3 inches tall (1.9 meters), this brilliant stereoscopic experience can either be an at bat baseball simulator or an experience to feel what it’s like to be a giant among men.  You take the role of the batter, and the entire video has you swinging at balls being pitched your way, while showing interesting stats on a user interface placed in the video.  I don’t even follow baseball and I got a kick out of this one.

Fata Morgana Fractal

Fata Morgana

Don Whitaker is the person to thank for all the impressive fractal videos coming out in 360°.  This one is just as interesting to watch, and quite long as well.

Snake River

Snake River

This one seems to be a trailer for a full VR movie, much like MansLaughter.  It looks a bit corny but I got a good laugh out of the corniness.  Read more at

Dawn of the Midi – Part 2

Dawn of the Midi - Part 2

If Boiler Room wins an award for something, it’s having some of the longest videos on Milk VR.  Part 2 is just as long as part 1, and a fantastic instrumental performance lasting about 30 minutes.

9/11 Memorial: Visual + Reality

911 Memorial Visual + Reality

This video brings you to the famous 9/11 memorial, and is done in a tasteful way.  It starts out with a view of the largest infinity pools I’ve seen in my life, and something everyone should get to see, even if it’s via a VR headset.

Two Bullets

Dawn of the Midi - Part 2

Are you ready for some Zombie action in a language you don’t understand, but with subtitles?  If so, you are in the right place.  Two bullets follows a survivor’s last moments as he struggles to figure out how he will use his last remaining bullets.  Stay after during the credits for a hilarious zombie dance.  This one came out of Brazil!



Migrations is a nice little atmospheric video for when you want to relax, or feel like you are having a strange dream.


Well that wraps up the last two weeks on Milk VR.  Until next time, our 360° friends.

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