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So I’m Drinking Beer with a Grizzly Bear…

So I’m Drinking Beer with a Grizzly Bear…

beer grizzly bear

When thinking of all the potential applications of Virtual Reality cinematic experiences, I never once imagined something like this would appear.  Yet oddly enough I am enthralled by one of today’s new Milk VR videos.  In Beer with a Grizzly Bear, you are seated at a table outside a house in Montana with your friendly guide drinking beer with a grizzly bear who goes by the name Brutus.  This video is an entry by DryftVR, a new uploader on the Milk VR app.

The man sitting across from you is just a few inches from the grizzly right next to him.  He welcomes you to the table then proceeds to feed the bear grapes.  Then rather politely he asks if you mind giving your beer to the bear.  Apparently I had no say in the matter.  The man then begins to pour the beer into the bears mouth.  Grizzlies sure can chug a beer fast.  It had that thing downed in seconds.  Soon after the bear goes on it’s merry way off into the forest, and the video ends.

beer grizzly bear 360

It turns out that bears love beer as it is fermented and sugary similar to their preference for food in the wild.  Between this and yesterday’s Tulum #5 Tequila video, it looks like a pattern might be emerging for videos where alcohol is imbibed.  The video quality was decent.  Hopefully we will begin to see more bizarre 360 films like this one on Milk VR.

For more Milk VR video listings please check out The 360 Video Directory.

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