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Ride Along With Jay Leno in Virtual Reality 360° Video

Ride Along With Jay Leno in Virtual Reality 360° Video

Ride Along With Jay Leno in Virtual Reality

Companion pieces are becoming a common way for studios to test out the effectiveness of 360° videos before diving fully into the VR scene.  CNBC & Brightspot Creative have commissioned Koncept VR to make a VR experience you can watch right now on YouTube with a Virtual Reality headset (or phone/pc for a lesser experience).

This is really cool technology. – Jay Leno about VR

I just finished my ride along with Jay Leno in Virtual Reality and was extremely impressed by how close I was to him.  If I was really there, I could practically reach out and touch him.  In most 360° videos that feature famous celebrities, the camera is too far away to really make them out.  However, in this experience, Jay Leno is sitting right next to you in his famous Tank Car during the ride through his garage and neighborhood.  You didn’t mishear me about riding through his garage.  Jay Leno’s garage is filled with hundreds of cars and motorcycles, which understandably require quite a bit of space to house.

After a quick whip through his garage, you take to the streets with Leno.  At the 2 minute mark, he enters the highway with the Tank Car, and makes good use of the M47 Patton tank engine as he accelerates rapidly, screaming like a little girl and waving at other drivers.  This is not your ordinary driving video.  Natural comedian and late night host Jay Leno provides endless entertainment throughout the experience.  Half the time I was staring right at Jay and reminding myself this wasn’t really happening.  I also got a really good view of his nose from this vantage point.

Behind the Scenes of Jay Leno’s Garage: Ride Along

These kind of candid experiences with celebrities are what VR needs to take off with 360° videos.  The human connection is always a very important part of any experience, and “Jay Leno’s Garage: Ride Along” does an excellent job at pulling this off.

This video can be viewed on a Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, or Oculus Rift/Vive etc.  For anything other than Google Cardboard, you are going to have to get a direct .mp4 and run it through a 360° video player such as Virtual Desktop or KolorEyes.  For the Gear VR, you can use this little trick to view it as if you were running it off a Google Cardboard.

“Jay Leno’s Garage: Ride Along is a companion piece for the TV show Jay Leno’s Garage.  This experience wouldn’t be possible without the team at Koncept VR working on the production.  If you are interested in creating a VR experience, please contact Koncept VR at [email protected].


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