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Pine-Code’s Always Yours Strip Club 360° Video

Pine-Code’s Always Yours Strip Club 360° Video

360 VR Strip Club Feature

Categorized under “Relaxation”, quite the spicy and definitely not safe for work video of a strip club in 360° just went live.  The video is not only available for streaming from Littlstar, but there is also a download available.

This footage from within the strip club is as classy as strip club videos get, and surprisingly well put together.  We aren’t talking just some raw footage from within one.  If for some reason the Littlstar video gets taken down, you can still find it on YouTube here.  This originally appeared on 360Heros as a password protected video, but as you can see that didn’t last very long.

Why is the download important?  Just streaming this will usually result in much lower quality when viewing from inside a virtual reality headset.  Also, the download allows for easy viewing on the Samsung Gear VR by using Oculus 360 Videos.  We just downloaded the video which is 2880 x 1440, 26501kbps, and 30 frames per second.

Download Now 578 MB

The downloaded video can be viewed on either a Google Cardboard, Gear VR, or Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset.  As instructions on usage differ per headset, we will briefly break down below how to view on each one.  If you have a Google Cardboard and have an iPhone, you are unfortunately out of luck for the download option until we stumble across a video player that works and is reliable.

How to view on Gear VR

Take the downloaded .mp4 file, and drop it in the Oculus360 videos folder on your phone.  If you do not see this folder, it might mean something is wrong or you don’t have Oculus 360 Videos updated.  After the video file is in this folder, simply open the 360 Videos App and play the video.

How to view on Google Cardboard (Android)

After downloading the video file, you will need something to play it.  We recommend AAA VR Cinema.  Open your video player of choice, and play the video.  With AAA VR Cinema, make sure that you have selected 360° Panorama prior to hitting the play button.  If the video looks off, then you might have to play around with the screen size under the Player Options screen, which is the screen that follow the format selection screen.  Make sure that “Hide all buttons” is selected under Advanced UI Configurations.

How to view on Oculus Rift

You can use either KolorEyes or Virtual Desktop.  With KolorEyes, just drag and drop the video into the player.  With Virtual Desktop, select Video Player, then open.  That’s all there is to it!

Keep an eye on our 360° Video Directory under the “Sexy” category for more videos like this one.  Do keep in mind that we will not post videos containing full out nudity.


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