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Passport to Adventure – Come on. Come on! ><

Passport to Adventure – Come on. Come on! ><

Passport to Adventure

PAVR created  TELEPORTALED back in July, which was one of the first 360° comedy series.  While it was funny, I would place it at a 1/10 on comedic value when compared to their newest video “Passport to Adventure”, which would get an infinity/10.  They knocked it out of the part with Passport to Adventure with Amanda Lund, who delivers a stellar performance as she takes you on a tour of The Huntington Gardens.

Passport to Wow with Amanda Lund!

Come on… Come on! ><


I never bothered to look up where the Huntington Gardens is, as it merely serves as a set piece for the bizarre humor that is contained within the video.  You can view the video on your preferred streaming site, all listed below.  Vrideo & Littlstar also have a download link.  The download is about 800MB and is my recommended route for best possible quality.  Oculus Rift owners can open with Virtual Desktop.  Gear VR owners just need to transfer into the Oculus -> 360 videos folder & view with the 360 Videos app.  Those with Google Cardboard can use a variety of apps to view the downloaded .mp4 file, but I would recommend AAA Cinema.

View on YouTube

View on Vrideo

View on Littlstar

Here are some of our favorite moments with quotes from Passport to Adventure:

Passport to Adventure Aloe Plant

“Wow! An Aloe Plant. This will go good with my sunburn.”

Passport to Adventure Uncle's Retirement

“The Huntington Gardens is the perfect place for a wedding, birthday party, or your Uncle’s retirement party.”

Passport to Adventure Ouch My Ankle

Actually I’m here at the Chinese.. Ow! My Ankle.

After Passport to Adventure, we will be paying special attention to future releases from PAVR.  Their next release is set to be

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