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OVRO’s Incredible South Korean 360° Dance Videos

OVRO’s Incredible South Korean 360° Dance Videos

OVRO Feature

We pride ourselves at VR Pill on finding the best 360° degree videos when they hit.  VR Video Production Company OVRO has been around for months, hiding these masterful videos away from the world.  We stumbled upon them while fixing a link for one of their other videos we did a Daily Dose 360 post on a while back.

If channels like VerestVR, mooovr, or 치어콕(Cheer Coke) are of interest to you, these two videos we are highlighting from OVRO will be right up your alley.  They feature the same crew from Season of Soul, an incredible orchestrated performance.  Differing from Season of Soul, these two new videos take on a rather sultry nature, with some impressive dance moves to boot.  Please be sure to share this and spread the word if you enjoyed.

As these videos restrict embedding, you will need to click the titles or picture to be brought to the YouTube video.  These are of course best viewed with a Virtual Reality headset, as you will not get the full experience of being there from watching on your computer or from a phone.  Google Cardboard users with an Android phone can play these from the YouTube app, and click on the cardboard icon before inserting your phone into the Google Cardboard.  Oculus Rift users will need to use Virtual Desktop or a similar program to view.  As for Gear VR users, I can’t give you an legal ways of getting the video to work on a Gear VR, but I’m sure if you are inventive enough you could find a way…

Burnin’ Up

Burnin' Up

Burnin’ Up is the song featured in this video, by Jessie J.  Believe it or not, the actual video is titled “360° VR) Dance Video 1”.  Now you might be able to imagine why this was overlooked by many on YouTube.  This is a great video, but my personal favorite is the next one.



Also titled the ever imaginative “360° VR) Dance Video 2”, this amazing dance performance includes another Jessie J. song, “Wild”.  In the 2nd half of the video, one of the male dancers launches himself over the 360° camera.  There are nice lighting effects occurring throughout Wild as well as they transition between 3 different areas.

VR Pill will continue to keep an eye out for new enticing 360° dance videos as they are released.

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