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Getting Drunk and Hit On in Mexico on Milk VR with Tequila and Chic Boutique

Getting Drunk and Hit On in Mexico on Milk VR with Tequila and Chic Boutique

tulum 5 tequila

The Girls Go Shopping, Drinking, and Motorbiking

(not in chronological order)

Tequila and Chic Boutique are the two latest releases from Refinery29 on Milk VR.  I’m still reeling in from the thought of a company that to my knowledge has no prior experience with 360 video production can come up with such consistently high quality videos on Milk VR.  Refinery29 is known for their website on emerging fashion trends and now producing some of the highest picture quality available on the Gear VR.  They also now have the first and only series with something of a story connecting them.  Don’t expect award winning acting performances here, but you won’t be complaining as you are focused on the gorgeous scenery about.

tulum 4 chic boutique 360

Chic Boutique is the 4th entry in the Tulum, Mexico series of Fashionably Bound.  In future installments of the Fashionably Bound series we will be brought to New Orleans, Louisiana and Berlin, Germany.  We find ourselves outside the Boutique Caravana Montaecristo.  This is not your average boutique.  Clothing is displayed outside a shanty looking hut with lounge chairs near the entrance for ultimate relaxation while shopping.  The short haired one, Chelsea, gives some fashion advice to the viewers before they head into the boutique.  Inside, they are shown a handmade top called a Tulum (presumably the name given by the boutique).   As they shop some other customers wander in and peruse the goods.  It’s quite a beautiful locale and the only thing missing is a refreshing breeze to complete the immersion.

We are then transported to a ocean-side road next to a dinky van and a motorbike.  My focus was immediately brought to the van with “I’m leaving to find happiness, I don’t know when I’ll be back…” written on the back side.  Just moments later Cori, the girl who is soon to get married comes out of the van, goes up to the writing, and it magically turns into some Spanish text.  I thought that was pretty cool.

The best part of Chic Boutique comes when the shopping ends and we are brought on a motorbike as Cori rides through a scenic road by the ocean.  The quality of that scene is just jaw dropping.  I found myself wishing the whole video could have just been a longer version of that motorbike ride.  I felt a sense of presence like I was there.  The motorbike ride ends along with the 4th video and the credits roll.

The Cringe-worthy Bartender and Too Many Tequila Shots

tulum 5 tequila 360

The 5th entry, Tequila, starts out in a the hotel room pictured above at Hotel La Zebra.  The girls are preparing for a night out, discussing what to wear.  The married one then comes awkwardly dancing into the room as the other two give her a reality check on the “mommy sheikh” piece she is wearing.  The room looks like it’s straight from a 5 star hotel.  I would venture to guess that this place is quite expensive, but from what I have seen, well worth it.  Now for the fun part.

The final set is at the beach-side Bar Mezcal Monk.  The girls enter the bar and sit down on these really interesting swing seats.  The bar is sitting right on the beach and what a view!  Now we sit back and relax as they down shots of tequila.  The bartender with dreadlocks doesn’t waste time and guns straight for the Grace, the Asian girl in the middle with the black hair.

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the bartender say to the Grace, “Maybe you can have a Mexican Boyfriend” followed immediately by “Are you thirsty?”.  At first I thought he was referring to a drink, until I realized he was not, and merely making cringe filled attempt at hitting on them.  He doesn’t stop there as later on he brings on another golden line after proposing to meet up with them later.  The girls want him to watch over their friend Cori who is staying behind to which he replies “I take care of her then I take care of you”, referring to Grace.  This is all within a 2 minute time period.  They sure do move fast in Tulum!

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the bartender say to the girl “Maybe you can have a Mexican Boyfriend” followed immediately by “Are you thirsty?”

It’s fairly droll content but beggars can’t be choosers, and it was fascinating being that close to the bar while all of this was going on.  They must have set the camera on the bar counter the girls were drinking at because I was almost in their faces.  If you look around you will notice the tables in the back taking a peek intrigued by what’s going on while the group to the side of the bar is completely in their own world.  That is one of the most fascinating things about these 360 videos.  You can see everything which makes repeat viewings all the more enjoyable.

We are left with quite the cliffhanger at the end.  Will Cori drink herself to a stupor at the bar?  What will become in this budding romance between Grace and the bartender?  Answers to these questions and more in the next update for Tulum on Milk VR.

For a listing of all the Milk VR Videos, come check out The Milk VR Directory.

Also, be sure to comment if you want to mention any interesting things you noticed going on in the videos.

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