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Need that live 360 videos fix on mobile VR? VRLIVE.TV has you covered.

Need that live 360 videos fix on mobile VR? VRLIVE.TV has you covered.

Not exactly live for mobile users but whose complaining?

Whelp there goes my productivity during my work breaks.

I would have posted this earlier but I was too busy checking out all attending a boxing match, all thanks to VRLive.  This is of course old news to Oculus Rift owners, as they have been broadcasting live videos since last year.  I stumbled upon a tweet of theirs earlier and to my surprise found that you can download their streams as an .mp4 file.  A quick transfer to my Oculus 360Videos folder on the SD Card and I was watching the 360 video on my Gear VR in all it’s glory.

For those of you with Google Cardboard type headsets, in addition to downloading the videos you can also view them on their Android or iOS app.  I tried the app on my Note 4.  It is extremely simple and easy to use.  You will first have to change a setting to allow unknown apps.  Then you will be met with the following screen:

You know which one to choose...

You know which one to choose…

I tried tapping on both to watch the live 360 videos, but either something is wrong with my phone or perhaps you can only view when there are live streams going on.  The good news is you can download the videos directly from your phone.  There are currently about 17 videos unless I miscounted off their website.  The content covers music, sports, travel, and my favorite one, crazy.  Yes, that’s right there is a crazy category.  It includes Mexican Wrestling and a burlesque show.

The videos are also separated into 6 different channels.  The Roxy, VR Los Angeles, VROCKYOU!, DRIVR.TV, UNIVRSITY, and VRUMBLE.   If you are a ZZ Top fan, they have footage in 360 from a concert of his.  That’s right, ZZ Top in VR.  For free!

Yep that's ZZ Top alright.

Yep that’s ZZ Top alright.

If you are a content producer you can sign up and host your own videos on a private channel for easy sharing.  There is also the option of setting up your own feature channel by emailing [email protected].  The videos are free now but upon browsing through the site I noticed an option to purchase credits.  Looks like there are plans to release some future videos for a fee.  360º BPM runs 1 minute and 20 seconds and is currently going for 5 credits ($5.00) at the time of this post.  I tried paying for it through Paypal but it took me a while to realize it was a test site.  I guess they are close to launching it if a test site is already up for Paypal.

Anyways, off to revisit Fashion Week in Los Angeles.  You can find out more about VRLIVE.TV at well… you know… at VRLIVE.TV.

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