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Miracles of Modern Science – Top 360° Videos

Miracles of Modern Science – Top 360° Videos


Our new home in the Metaverse

We’re Back!

After a bit of hibernation, VR Pill is back, this time with a bit of a different spin on the site.  For those wondering where we have been, drop by VRChat and check out Enter the VR Pill room for a glimpse of the future of blogs in Virtual Reality.

Starting today, VR Pill will only be reporting on 360° media content in Virtual Reality.  If you want to find the best 360 degree videos, you need not look anywhere else.  So let’s start things off.

Miracles of Modern Science 360 video

Top 360° Videos

Here are the top videos that have come out over the last few days.  If you have an Oculus Rift, you can visit our VRChat room to enjoy all these videos.  Just hold down the right mouse button and left click to play a video.

Miracles of Modern Science


Chemistry vous souhaite une bonne année


Wilder vs. Szpilka Knockout

David Morin Performs “Money” on the streets of Vancouver

Inside Dubai Mall

Why People Become Homeless in South Korea

Tomo News Boxing Injuries

Be sure to drop by VRChat and check out these videos and more in our news room.  You can download VRChat at http://www.vrchat.net/download.

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