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Milk VR Jake Peavy Mega Ranch Tour

Milk VR Jake Peavy Mega Ranch Tour

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Yesterday on Milk VR Jake Peavy of the San Francisco Giants brought us on a tour of his mega ranch.  This is another video of the MY360 series, which has set the bar for episodic 360 video content on Gear VR following celebrities such as Chris Bosh and LA Beast as they show you their favorite spots.  They are bringing a much needed narrative to the videos on Milk VR, which with the exception of a few other videos, has hosted mostly experiential content.

In episode 1 and 2, Jake takes you around his ranch, showing off his gun storage room and huge bowling alley.  Everything in the house is just massive and you can really feel it in virtual reality.  The quality is about the same high quality as the previous MY360 videos.  Jake has a very welcoming personality, and throughout the video it really did feel like I was just chilling with him as he showed me around.

At the end of the second episode, you watch as he plays baseball with his brother on his own personal baseball field from the vantage of the pitchers mound and home plate.  It’s quite the rare experience seeing a professional pitcher up so close.  There are popup boxes throughout the two videos that provide additional information on what he is discussing.  I can best describe these boxes as something like Google Glass viewed from inside virtual reality.

If you are a fan of the San Francisco Giants, a baseball fan, or just looking for some interesting new content I highly recommend checking these videos out.

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