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Mega Daily Dose 360 – When it Rains in Dubai

Mega Daily Dose 360 – When it Rains in Dubai

When it Rains in Dubai

In Daily Dose 360, we look at the best 360° videos of the day from across the internet.  We will now only highlight the top 5 videos of the day in Daily/Mega Daily Dose 360 post on the blog.  In today’s Mega Daily Dose, which hopefully won’t be around much longer, we take a look at the top videos over the last few days.  We resort to Mega Daily Dose 360s when the amount of content is not enough to justify a Daily Dose 360 from the day.  Our Twitter and YouTube Playlist will have far more videos, and the other videos will still be added to The 360 Video Directory.  Keep in mind we wipe clean the YouTube playlist every Sunday night, to make room for next week’s videos.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter@dailydose360 for updates throughout the day of the best 360 videos right as they hit the internet!

You will need a PC/Phone running Google Chrome Browser, or you can open these videos on the iOS & Android YouTube app.  Use WASD or Mouse on PC to interact.  On phones, just move your phone around as if you are looking around inside the video.  If you have a Google Cardboard or Gear VR (thanks to this recent news), you can view with the headsets which enhance the experience dramatically.

Please click the picture or title to be brought to each video. (With the exception of Gear VR videos)

The Closest you will get to Reese Witherspoon – Need Gear VR to View

The Wild Experience

Today, Wild – The Experience was released on the Gear VR.  It’s a wonderful experience that I was able to preview during the New York Tribeca Film Festival.  The app is available on Samsung’s Gear VR store, and while it launched with it’s fair share of kinks to work out, including lack of sound, it’s an amazing experience that should be checked out by anyone with a Gear VR.  I’m sure the problems will be quickly resolved.

Edit: Felix & Paul Studios were quick to fix the issues and everything works now.


Running of the Bulls, and Jumping of the Brave – Vrideo 4k

San Fermín 2015 · Resumen

There have been a few other shocking Running of The Bulls 360° videos, but watching this guy jump into the crowd from that high up was crazy.  You can catch it at around the 40 second mark.

33 Minute Helicopter Tour Around the World – YouTube 4k

360 Video Around the World

I was waiting a while for a video like this.  360 VR Around the World channel on YouTube up until now has only had shorter 1080p videos.  Out of nowhere comes this 33 minute long helicopter journey through jaw dropping areas from around the world including Grand Canyon, Moscow, Dubai, the Himalayas and more.

When It Rains in Dubai – Vrideo 4k

When it Rains in Dubai

Apparently, Dubai gets some pretty bad floods, shown in this video of a car driving through one.

Spend 12 Minutes in a Creepy Louisiana Cemetery – YouTube 4k 

St. Roch Cemetery, New Orleans

This is another find off YouTube that is grossly under-viewed.  Fortunately filmed during the daytime, Brandon Ore brings you on a tour of St. Roch Cemetery in Louisiana.  The tour is done so in a respectful and informative manner, and unlike most YouTubers, Brandon is easy to listen to and doesn’t talk the entire time.

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