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Mega Daily Dose 360 – VRSE’s Ebola Documentary

Mega Daily Dose 360 – VRSE’s Ebola Documentary

Waves of Grace

In Daily Dose 360, we look at the best 360° videos of the day from across the internet.  We will now only highlight the top 5 videos of the day in Daily/Mega Daily Dose 360 post on the blog.  In today’s Mega Daily Dose, which hopefully won’t be around much longer, we take a look at the top videos from the past few days.  This Mega Daily Dose is a very special edition, as VRSE, one of the best production houses for 360° films, has released their much anticipated documentary film on the Ebola epidemic.

We resort to Mega Daily Dose 360s when the amount of content is not enough to justify a Daily Dose 360 from the day.  Our Twitter and YouTube Playlist will have far more videos, and the other videos will still be added to The 360 Video Directory.  Keep in mind we wipe clean the YouTube playlist every Sunday night, to make room for next week’s videos.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @dailydose360 for updates throughout the day of the best 360 videos right as they hit the internet!

You will need a PC/Phone running Google Chrome Browser, or you can open these videos on the iOS & Android YouTube app.  Use WASD or Mouse on PC to interact.  On phones, just move your phone around as if you are looking around inside the video.  If you have a Google Cardboard or Gear VR (thanks to this recent news), you can view with the headsets which enhance the experience dramatically.  Oculus Rift users will need to use Virtual Desktop and can view the YouTube videos by pasting the url into the video tab of Virtual Desktop.  If the videos are from Vrideo, you can access them using the beta version of Chrome.

Please click the picture or title to be brought to each video.

Waves of Grace | iOS | Android

Waves of Grace

I won’t say more about Waves of Grace, other than you must view it.  It’s from VRSE, one of the premier VR filmmakers, and about a survivor of the largest Ebola outbreak in history.  If I went into any more details I would ruin the whole effect for you.  Just see it.  And by the way, it’s in stereoscopic 3d.  You will need to first download the VRSE app for iOS or Android linked above, and then download the video from within the app.  (Gear VR users can view through the VRSE app)

Nicki Confronts Miley in 360

MTV VMAs Nicki Confronts Miley

This was the best thing that came out of the footage im360 was taking of the MTV Video Music Awards, at least until the Kanye West footage is released.

Grizzly Bear Snacking on 360 Camera

Grizzly Bear Snacking on 360 Camera

A camera is placed in an enclosure with a Grizzly Bear.  Said Grizzly Bear gets curious.  A little too curious.  And you get to be right in the middle of it.

360 Horror Series Ep3 Dismember

360 Horror Series Ep3 Dismember

DimensionGate is one of the few YouTube Channels uploading horror videos.  After a lukewarm first two, this one actually managed to scare me in parts, and shows that they can up their game hopefully in time for Halloween.

Flight Facilities: Heart Attack

Flight Facilities

This wonderful concert performance outside the Sydney Opera House if presented in part by Samsung, so you can bet it will show up on Milk VR in the future, or at least I hope it does.

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