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Mega Daily Dose 360 – Lyrics in 360°

Mega Daily Dose 360 – Lyrics in 360°

Lryics in 360 Daily Dose 360

Sometimes, there’s just not enough quality in the week to do Daily Dose 360.  In times like these, it evolves over the course of many days to a Mega Daily Dose 360.  Here you will find be best 360° videos from across the internet this week.  The Japanese are the first to post a video with lyrics in 360°.  Get licked by a cow, Hardwell visits Miami, a crazy German music video, and more.  Click/Tap the title or picture to be brought to the video.

For those of you new to 360° videos, you will need to either view on a PC/Mac running Google Chrome Browser and use WASD keys/Mouse to move around in the video.  If you are viewing on mobile, you will need to either use the YouTube app or the Google Chrome Browser and move your phone around as if you are looking through it.  On Android phones, you can tap the cardboard picture in the top right while viewing the video and then place your phone into your Google Cardboard.

Ambushed by Licking Cows – YouTube 4k

Ambushed by Licking Cows

I didn’t expect to enjoy this video as much as I did.  There’s something about the oddness of being right in the middle of some cows that investigate you as if you are an alien.

Reschtae Music Video – YouTube 4k

Reschtae Music Video

This German group knows how to make an interesting video.  Throw a Stormtrooper, rappers, bearded guy with a baby, and (crazy squid masks?) together and you’ve got a very interesting 360° music video.  The group is called WTK, and while I couldn’t find an official page, you can buy their music on Amazon.

Lyrics in 360° – YouTube 4k

Lyrics in 360°

Avex, one of Japan’s largest music labels, released the first 360 degree lyric music video for a group called AAA.  Could this be a preview of what music video’s with lyrics will be like in 360°?

Hardwell 360° – Littlstar

Hardwell 360°

Also Available on Gear VR Littlstar App

This is the official Hardwell full length video that was being teased a little more than a week ago.  Hardwell is one of the most popular DJs by number of followers worldwide.  Even if you are not into music like this, it’s quite an impressive video and shows off Miami.

Linkin Park Crowd Surfing Arrest – YouTube 4k

Linkin Park Crowd Surfing Arrest

Many might be familiar with the song in this video, “One Step Closer”.  Linkin Park performs live on stage.  If you look into the crowd, you will notice some crowd surfers get pulled out and arrested.    The audio qualities not the best, but it’s a great video none the less.

IceLandscapes – Littlstar


Iceland has had a lot of exposure as far as 360° videos go, and this video takes you on a beautiful trip through the lands of Iceland.

Fort Minor Welcome Music Video – YouTube 4k

Fort Minor Welcome Music Video

This is the official Fort Minor video for Welcome.  Mike Shinoda of Fort Minor was part of Linkin Park.  Go figure, two Linkin Park related videos in one week.  Don’t worry, I won’t blast you in the future with Linkin Park overload.

If Reality Was A Sketch – Vrideo 2k

If Reality Was A Sketch

“If Reality Was A Sketch” is actually this video with added effects, which come out looking quite interesting when viewed with Google Cardboard.

Nexon Computer Museum Tour – YouTube 4k

Nexon Computer Museum Tour

I have absolutely no idea what she is saying in Korean, but this museum is pretty dang cool.  They even have a virtual reality section!  If anyone with knowledge of the language is here, please post a comment as I would love to know more.

LoVR – Littlstar


Available on Gear VR via Littlstar App

Download Available WARNING 753MB LARGE FILE (Right click save as)

What if you could express the moments leading up to the feeling of being in love in a 360° video?  That’s exactly what LoVR is, and it’s absolutely mesmerizing.

Tug Boat Huge Boat – YouTube 1440p

Tug Boat Huge Boat

Well this one isn’t 4k quality, but I just had to put it up here as the quality isn’t that bad with the headset on, and how many other opportunities are you going to have on a tug boat approaching a massive ocean liner?  The scale in this video really shows.

Ferris Wheel Ride – YouTube 4k

Ferris Wheel Ride

Being in a Ferris Wheel sure is more relaxing than a wild roller coaster in 360° video.  This is Riesenrad Ferris Wheel, located in Austria’s capital, Vienna.

Drone in Alaska Vlog – YouTube 4k

Drone in Alaska Vlog

Ah YouTube 360° Vlogs.  DudeLikeHELLA may not be first, but he is the first to film one that doesn’t make me cringe and is in 4k.  He is a Vlogger from Alaska and I actually find myself looking forward to his next 360° video.  In this video, he takes his drone for a flight, and has a screen within the 360° experience.

Hajime Shibuya 109 – YouTube 4k

Hajime Shibuya 109

Hajime is a famous Japanese Vlogger, known for his wacky comedy videos.  See that building in the picture?  That’s Shibuya 109, and is equivalent in Tokyo fame to Macy’s in NYC.  That’s his poster up there, if it gives you any idea about how big he is.  I’ve always wanted a 4k video set in Shibuya Crossing (the busiest crossing in the world), but I guess I’ll have to settle for a few blocks away until it comes.

Pants Velour Empire State of Mind Live Cover – Vrideo 2k

Pants Velour Empire State of Mind Live Cover

Park Velour performs a cover for Alicia Key’s Empire State of Mind live from the Brooklyn Bowl, a bowling and event venue in Williamsburg, a trendy area of Brooklyn, NY.  It’s a powerful performance.  

Sentinel Mission Overview at Morrison Planetarium – Vrideo 2k

Sentinel Mission Overview at Morrison Planetarium

This is another video using seating similar to the Natural Selection Trailer, that takes you on a trip through space.

Visit E3 2015 in 360 – YouTube 4k & Gear VR im360 App

Visit E3 2015 in 360

There’s quite a few E3 2015 videos out there in 360°, but CNET brings the best quality one and as a plus, it’s available on the Gear VR via the im360 app.  E3 is arguably the most important gaming convention that takes place every year in California.  Next year’s E3 is going to be amazing as I imagine all the video coverage will be in 360 like this!


That’s it for this week’s Mega Daily Dose 360!  Check out our other Daily Dose 360’s!

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