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Mega Daily Dose 360 – E3 in 360°

Mega Daily Dose 360 – E3 in 360°

E3 in 360

While it’s been a busy week for console and PC VR, mobile still had it’s share of interesting 360 videos.  For the first time ever, you can attend E3 in 360°.  There are quite a few videos in what essentially is multiple daily doses combined in one mega daily dose 360.  We will not be embedding until we can resolve an issue with properly getting the 360 videos to work with mobile phones.  Until then, please click on the picture or title to be brought to the appropriate page to watch the video.

E3 in 360° – YouTube 1080p

While CNET has brought a very high quality 2-3 minute video of the E3 show floor, we will leave that for another post as it is quite complicated to get it working (or a 1 hour affair downloading on the Gear VR with a headset on your head the entire time).  However, 3 YouTube videos of E3, including one directly from Nintendo’s channel, have appeared today.  Enjoy.

Nintendo E3 Booth

LA Cosplay Con 2015 – YouTube 1080p

Cosplay Conventions are one of those fascinating things that many people would love to see but don’t actually feel comfortable going to in person.  YouTube user itsthefa has uploaded almost 30 minutes of very interesting footage from the LA Cosplay Convention that happened just recently.  Be sure to check out the other two videos.

LA Cosplay Con 2015

Danger Garden Rooftop Party – YouTube 4k

New YouTube channel 360 Hangout is bringing some very well done high quality 360 videos recently.  Join an incredible Puerto Rico rooftop party with some great music.

Danger Garden Rooftop Party

Bar Dancing Music Video – YouTube 4k

In this music video, also by 360 Hangout, join a vibrant bar with non stop craziness going on.  Look down to see a very well done use of the circle that usually holds the production studios’ logo.

What To Do Now

Star Wars 360 – YouTube 4k

This one was so good, I made a separate post about it.  Maybe I’m just a huge Star Wars fan, but entering an Imperial Destroyer Hangar from the perspective of a mouse droid and looking straight up at Darth Vader made me giddy inside.

Star Wars 360 Video Darth Vader

He looks 10x cooler with Google Cardboard

Don Whitaker’s Amazing New Fractal Video – YouTube 4k

Don Whitaker is the current king of 360 degree fractal videos.  He has produced more than a handful already, and they are experiences unlike any other.  This title is also available on Vrideo.

Right Click Save As To Download (1.2 GB aka Very Large File)

Fata Morgana

Scuba Diving in Taiwan – YouTube 4k

I knew there was scuba diving in Taiwan, but I never knew it was this beautiful down there until watching this very high quality video following divers through the deep ocean of Taiwan.

Scuba Diving in Taiwan

My Pet T.Rex – Littlstar

What did I just watch?  People walking around festival with T.Rex on a leash.  T.Rex dancing at end.  My day has officially been made.

My Pet T.Rex

Skyrim Time Lapse – Littlstar

I’m not usually a fan of time lapses, as you can see from my 360 trends post, but this one taken from the famous videogame Skyrim is incredibly beautiful and high quality.  It will be all we have until a fully compatible VR Elder Scrolls game comes out.

Skyrim Time Lapse

Daycation Electronic Music Festival – Vrideo 2k

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge fan of all kinds of club type music.  This is an incredible video of Daycation, which I believe takes place near Nuremberg Germany.  Also available in 4k from YouTube.

Daycation Electronic Music Festival


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