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Mega Daily Dose 360 – Directory is Better

Mega Daily Dose 360 – Directory is Better

Mega Daily Dose 360 Directory is Better

In Mega Daily Dose 360 we look at the best 360° videos of the last few days from across the internet.  We will now only highlight the top 5 videos in Daily/Mega Daily Dose 360 posts on the blog.  The 360° Video Directory has recovered with a new feature!  You can now sort the top labels (name, time, publisher, etc.) in ascending or descending order.

Our Twitter and YouTube Playlist will have far more videos, and the other videos will still be added to The 360 Video Directory.  Keep in mind we wipe clean the YouTube playlist every Sunday night, to make room for next week’s videos.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @dailydose360 for updates throughout the day of the best 360 videos right as they hit the internet!

You will need a PC/Phone running Google Chrome Browser, or you can open these videos on the iOS & Android YouTube app.  Use WASD or Mouse on PC to interact.  On phones, just move your phone around as if you are looking around inside the video.  If you have a Google Cardboard or Gear VR (thanks to this recent news), you can view with the headsets which enhance the experience dramatically.  Oculus Rift users will need to use Virtual Desktop and can view the YouTube videos by pasting the url into the video tab of Virtual Desktop.  If the videos are from Vrideo, you can access them using the beta version of Chrome.

Please click the picture or title to be brought to each video.

New York City with Jeremy

New York City with Jeremy

Post Apocalypse Music Video (Language is Spanish)

Lapiz y Goma - Duende Music Video

The Wingwalkers

The Wingwalkers

Full Game of Dungeons and Dragons

Guys Play Dungeons and Dragons

opera io 360

opera io 360

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