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LA Beast Proves Distraction Free VR Video is Easy.

LA Beast Proves Distraction Free VR Video is Easy.

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VR: The New Frontier for YouTube Celebs?

Remember that video on YouTube where that guy eats the ghost chili and gets violently sick while you chuckle at his misfortune? LA Beast makes his entry into virtual reality with Samsung’s MY360, a series similar to MTV cribs that puts the focus on hanging out celebs in full virtual reality.

LA Beast has found the golden secret to keeping the audience focused on what you want them to see: “Be interesting.” This is where his history on YouTube gives him a distinct advantage. YouTube stars have been honing their skills creating short, bite-sized compelling content for years. Mobile VR is meant to be consumed in short bursts. Sounds like the perfect fit to me.

In MY360 LA Beast, we join LA Beast in his apartment as he does things like scarf down some ghost peppers, eat flaming Cheetos, and chug milk mixed with Pepto-Bismol.  In an epic scene at the end, he douses the viewer down with a fire extinguisher.  It was typical guilty pleasure YouTube stuff that was a joy to watch in VR.

While all of this is going on, a “Google Glass” like box displays useful information such as how incredibly hot the ghost pepper actually is. It’s also used during a part where he receives a call from his dad, “Papa Beast”, and we are able to see what he is saying inside the boxed display.

When Milk VR, Samsung’s “YouTube” of VR, came out in late December, hosted mostly sports, music, or travel videos. The MY360 series ushered in some of the first episodic content on the Gear VR. Last week Chris Bosh brought us on a tour of Miami. Prior to that Refinery29 started it’s Fashionably Bound series, with the first group of episodes taking us to Tulum, Mexico.


It will be interesting to see how 360 video content develops on Milk VR and VR Pill will be there to bring you updates as they happen.  You can check all of the LA Beast videos on his YouTube channel.

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