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Join Bill Clinton in East Africa on Gear VR

Join Bill Clinton in East Africa on Gear VR

Inside Impact East Africa Feature

Inside Impact: East Africa by Felix & Paul Studios was one of the standout titles at the Gear VR Cafe during my time at Oculus Connect 2, and one that I am quite surprised to be released so soon.  It is a 360° 3-D stereoscopic 7 minute long video that takes you with Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton to East Africa as they show you all that the Clinton Global Initiative is doing to help change lives and empower local communities.  Inside Impact: East Africa is currently available on the Gear VR App store under the experience section.

Inside Impact East Africa Village

The first thing you will notice when starting up Inside Impact is that you are sitting right in front of Bill Clinton in full stereoscopic 3-D.  Who would have thought that you could ever feel this close to one of the Presidents of the United States, and Bill Clinton at that.  After he explains a bit about the Clinton Global Initiative, you follow him to East Africa and experience how their non-profit foundation is helping.  Scenes include visiting a solar entrepreneur in rural Tanzania and sitting in a classroom in Nairobi.  It was quite emotional looking around the class and seeing how kids have to share a desk because they can’t even afford to have enough desks.

You sit inches away from Bill Clinton.

As this is Felix & Paul Studios we are talking about here, the video production is top notch and the 3-D will hit hard, in a way that really does bring you closer to understanding how these communities are receiving help.  More importantly, this is one of the first videos promoting a non-profit organization in such an effective way, and really does set the bar for others that will inevitably follow.  I enjoyed Inside Impact for two reasons: Being inches away from Bill Clinton and feeling an intense empathy towards the communities being transformed by the movement.

Inside Impact East Africa Clinton

There is a download of 1.1 GB for the video following your install of the experience.  If you don’t have a Gear VR, hold off until November when the retail version is released.

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