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Get intimate with Red Pandas – Best 360° Videos

Get intimate with Red Pandas – Best 360° Videos

red panda 360 video

As close as you will get to the Red Panda

The Best 360° Videos – Red Pandas, Swimwear Cafe, Origin of Evil

We are back and will continue to post the best 360° videos as we find them.  We have personally seen every single one of these videos with a VR headset on.  Don’t send us your videos.  If they are good and on YouTube, Vrideo, or Littlstar, we will find them and highlight them in future articles.

Red Pandas Enjoy Tasting Food

You will feel like you are right next to the Red Pandas in this 360 video, thanks to the Une saison au zoo in France.  There is a slight stitching issue where the panda will be split in two when looking from a certain angle but overall the video quality is quite impressive.

Train Nuts videos hit 360

If you follow Japanese YouTube videos at all, it would not take long to find thousands of videos taken from the front of the train as they go about their journey.  Their is actually a term for this in Japan that translates into Train Fan.  It’s not uncommon to see a train fan spending an afternoon at the station taking dozens of pictures of their favorite train.  Could this be the beginning of a slew of train fan videos in 360?

The Circus Roncalli in Germany

If you don’t understand German, you won’t understand a single word in this video, but that’s ok.  Get ready for a bizarre journey through a circus in Germany.

Why can’t Hitman games look this good in VR?

If you haven’t seen the rest of these videos, check out episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3.  Hitman YouTube channel has been pumping out absolutely gorgeous 360 videos highlighting their non-vr title while allowing users to view it in a whole new way.  This episode takes you through Bangkok.

It’s Sonic in 360!

Fortunately, this is not the Sonic 25th anniversary mess, but something much better.  TheGamerBay used Source Filmmaker to create various Sonic experiences in 360.  You can view the other ones here, here, and here.  You can also watch him hire a hooker in GTA5 360°.

Baseball in South Korea

Ever wonder what it’s like to be at a baseball game in South Korea both watching and playing?  Well here you go.

Watch people get drunk in a bar and sing.  It’s highly entertaining.

Who wants to be caught on tape drunk on a regular video, much less in 360?  Well here you go for your own entertainment.  Be sure to look all around for the drunken shenanigans!

Feel good Malaysian Music Video

While I’m not entirely sure what this is about, it involves lots of paint and should bring a smile to your face.


To be continued when I get around to going back through the last few months of videos.  Also, if there are enough good ones we’ll be coming out with a special best Halloween video article soon.

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