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France Train Shooting Gets Animated 360° Video

France Train Shooting Gets Animated 360° Video

France Train Shooting Feature

Is this how news will be experienced in the future?


Remember the brilliant Taiwanese News Studio responsible for bringing some of the most hilarious animated recreations of various popular news stories?  Well they are back, and now in full 360° video.

Hours ago, the first 360° video from ma19 kuso was released on YouTube by TomoNews US Channel.  This video puts you into the middle of the France Train Shooting that occurred a week ago, as 3 American heroes brought down a gunman on a train in France.  Relive the horror and crudely done animation as you watch the American men bolt down the through the train car and tackle the gunman.

Thanks to the power of Google Cardboard, you can attend this recreation through this Virtual Reality headset, and feel as if you are standing right next to the gunman as he shivs the American hero.  Gasp in shock as the other American hero bashes the gunman over the head with his gun.  Experience the ridiculous animations of the crowd as they react to the horror going on around them.

This video is currently only available on YouTube, but will hopefully make it to other 360° streaming services.  Our fingers are crossed for more releases from ma19 kuso.

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