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First Baby Birth in Virtual Reality Just Happened

First Baby Birth in Virtual Reality Just Happened

First Baby Birth in Virtual Reality Just Happened

It looks like someone beat Mark Zuckerberg to the punch.  Couple Christine & Gulliver just posted a 360° Virtual Reality video on YouTube of their baby Alora being born in 360 VR.  The first livestream of a birth happened earlier this year, but wasn’t available to the general public, and was a staged deal.

Watching this video with a Virtual Reality headset like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard puts you inside of the room with them, which is quite the emotional experience.  Don’t worry, as the camera isn’t right in front of Christine showing all the details.  Instead, it’s placed over to the side giving you a view of the birth without showing everything.

Only the first part of the video shows the actual birth.  Shortly after, you watch as the newborn is placed on the hospital bed and then brought up to the mother.  I could feel the full range of emotions Christine had upon seeing her baby for the first time.  For a brief moment, I could almost imagine what it might be like to be a father watching as I saw my own baby.

Imagine if you could record the birth of your baby in the same way, available to be re-experienced just like family photos when your child is older.  What if you could put a VR headset on and re-live your own birth?  This is something that is already happening and is going to be a reality for many in the coming years.  If you are expecting a baby soon, all you need is a 360° camera and you too can capture the entire experience of the birth just like in the video above.  At least Mark Zuckerburg has a preview now of what it will be like when he films his baby being born in 360°.

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