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Fashionably Bound Berlin Takes a Raunchy Turn

Fashionably Bound Berlin Takes a Raunchy Turn

I’m Pretty Sure I Have the Target Audience Figured Out

Today, Fashionably Bound Berlin by Refinery29, a 360 degree video, launched on Samsung’s Milk VR App for the Gear VR virtual reality headset.  I had a chance to check it out today and what I was thoroughly entertained by a few standout scenes.

Berlin #1: Devil’s Mountain

The first entry in Fashionably Bound Berlin introduces us to 3 girls, Chelsea (a DJ), Gabija, and Kyleigh.  Gabija is the one in the video above, who the first two videos may as well be complete about.  She describes herself as “I don’t really wear much clothing”.  The gist I got from watching was that they are experiencing Berlin and getting ready for a night out at one of Chelsea’s DJ gigs.  Devil’s Mountain starts by placing us at the top of Devil’s Mountain, and run down ex spy center with one of the best views of the sunrise in the world.

milk vr berlin 1 devils mountain

The view is incredible.

Then we are transported to a room where each of the 3 girls does their introduction, which is fairly uneventful.  Then we watch as the three are taught a bit of graffiti and the video ends.

Berlin #2: Nice Legs

This is where things get a bit interesting.  We follow the ladies to a boutique shop in Berlin where they wait for Gabija to show off her new “revealing” outfit, which looks like a one piece swimming suit, that she intends to wear to the club.  She starts doing some squats to test out the fit on her butt, which I can only describe as completely awkward to watch in VR.  Then they make their way outside.

Perhaps it was boredom, but I found myself looking around at that point to see if I could find anything that peeked my interest.  I notice two guys checking them out, one more so than the other.  But in virtual reality videos, nothing goes unnoticed.  Check them out below.


You can check out more coverage of the Refinery29 360 Virtual Reality Videos at our Refinery29 Archive Page.

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