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Donald Trump Gets Animated in (Hilarious?) 360° Video

Donald Trump Gets Animated in (Hilarious?) 360° Video

Trump Virtual Reality 360 Degree Video Tomo News Feature

So far we have seen many politicians publish Virtual Reality 360° videos to gain an edge in the upcoming American Presidential Elections.  Donald Trump has finally appeared in a 360° video, but not in the way you might imagine.  Those Taiwanese Animators are at it again, and this time they decide to turn Trump into a hilarious yet strangely unsettling 360° animated video. GearVR owners can now check this out on the Vrideo App.

Please open video on YouTube app for mobile users.  The below video is 360°.  That means you can turn your phone in any direction to look around.  You can view in the new Virtual Reality Headsets as well and feel like you are there.

They don’t cut any corners with this one, covering Trump’s stance on immigration, snippets from his personal life, and end with trump riding a nuke from outer space straight into Iran.  This 360° video has more explosions than a Michael Bay film.

Highlights (or what the heck did I just watch) of the video include:

  • Trump running people over crazy taxi style
  • Trump blowing up a helicopter with a rocket launcher
  • Trump picking up a headless street walker for a date
  • Thomas the train
  • Trump driving into Chris Christie’s mouth
  • Trump knocking Jeb Bush out into a sea of Alligators
  • Sarah Palin joining the ride and using a machine gun to shoot polar bears
  • Trump kicking Mexicans over the border
  • Trump flying an eagle to the white house
  • Trump grabbing Obama with said eagle and flying off into outer space
  • Trump flying with a nuke into Iran from outer space cowboy style

Regardless of what your opinion is on Trump, this is probably one of the craziest 360° videos you will ever see.  That statement is coming from someone who has seen almost every single 360° video out there.  I’m really looking forward to see how Tomo News covers the other candidates, as being there in Virtual Reality watching this all go down is mind-blowing.

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