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Daily Dose 360 – The Golden Girls of Japan

Daily Dose 360 – The Golden Girls of Japan

Golden Girls of Japan

Today, we bring you just three videos, but one of them is very special to me, as it’s my first opportunity to experience my 2nd home of Osaka, Japan in 360 degrees.  Today we dance with a Japanese music group composed of Aunts, experience one of the best driving videos yet, and see what it’s like to be an exploited child domestic laborer in Kenya.

The Coolest Aunts in Town -YouTube 1080p

This is probably the first time you have heard of “Obaachan”, which means “Aunt” in Japanese.  Well there just happens to be an idol group called “Obachaan”, which formed in 2011 and can best be described as The Golden Girls meet Backstreet Boys.  In this video, they perform their single “Obasukadon”, as they ride through Dotobonburi, which is like the Times Square area of Osaka, Japan.  If Obachaan intrigues you at all, you can check out the rest of the songs on their YouTube Channel.  Sure it’s just 1080p resolution, but all the important stuff is going on in front of your face.

Tokyo Girls Update has a great article on the group.

Castrol Edge Virtual Drift – im360 Gear VR

Ever wanted to see what it feels like to drive through what looks like a volcano at blazing fast speeds in VR?  The im360 app on Samsung Gear VR just awoken from a month long slumber and brought with it the best driving video I have seen in Virtual Reality.  The YouTube video below is shorter than the extended Gear VR version that was released today.  If you have a Gear VR, you finally have a reason to check out the im360 app again.

A Day in the Life of a Child Domestic Worker – YouTube 1080p

This is a documentary that brings us through the day in the life of an exploited child domestic worker named Amani.  More videos like this need to be out there, as much like the Syria video by Chris Milk, it really helped me feel what it is really like for children like this all over the world.  There is also an Android App released a couple of days ago.  The iOS app will be coming soon.

Warning!!!  Contains implied rape at the end.  Not for those sensitive to such topic.  This is however, what millions of children all over the world have to go through every day.


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