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Daily Dose 360 – Natural Selection

Daily Dose 360 – Natural Selection

Natural Selection

In Daily Dose 360, we take a look at the best 360 videos the internet has to offer.  We are currently sourcing from Vrideo, Littlstar, and YouTube 360.  We have volunteered to sit through hundreds of boring and/or eye straining videos so you don’t have to.  Here are our favorites from today and yesterday.

Natural Selection Trailer – Vrideo

Mirage3d, the creators of this video, have managed somehow to create a video with a theater included.  I’m fairly sure those people sitting down are actual people edited into the video.

Inside a Tank – Littlstar 4k

From the same guys that brought us “Driving a Tank”, comes a video that brings us inside a Fury Sherman Tank.  I’m not entirely sure what that is, but it looks dang cool.

Ai Otsuka via Avex Japan (this is huge) – YouTube 4k

For the unfamiliar, which is probably most of the people reading this, Avex Japan is one of the biggest music labels in Japan.  This is their first 360 video release on YouTube, featuring famous singer Ai Otsuka and 8 iMac computers.

Dubai Airport Timelapse – 8k

This is the first 8k video I have seen on YouTube, and it looks incredible while my computer struggles to run it.  Definitely worth a watch if you have a capable PC and an Oculus Rift headset.  Still a cool video if you have Google Cardboard.

Dub FX – YouTube 1080p

Dub FX is a famous street musician with multiple YouTube videos at over 21 million views.  This is a performance of his in Budapest.  Not only is the music fantastic, but the Ferris Wheel at night is hypnotizing.  There were actually 2 Dub FX videos posted today.  Both are below.


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