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Daily Dose 360 – Dinosaurs and Bizarre Bunny

Daily Dose 360 – Dinosaurs and Bizarre Bunny

Dubstep Dinosaurs

As more 360 videos pop up daily, VR Pill brings you the best 360 Videos out there.  We have scoured YouTube, Vrideo, Littlstar, and Milk VR.  Well, to be honest there isn’t much scouring to be done with the one video a day on Milk VR.  Today we enter a bizarre cartoon world and are introduced to a bizarre bunny that is pure nightmare fuel.

Dubstep Dinosaurs – YouTube 4k

I’m still trying to put my finger on what’s going on in this video, but who cares?  The music is wild and it’s created completely using the Unreal Engine.  Soar through a strange land then watch as people in dinosaur costumes get their boogy on around a camp fire.

Easter Bunny 360 – YouTube 4k

I first saw this video last night, and as a result got about 4 hours of sleep from the nightmares it brought.  Sure, it’s less than a minute, but brilliant enough in it’s craziness.  There are no jump scares, but just a completely unsettling feeling as you watch a guy in a bunny costume circle around you and then creep right up in your face.  I would equate it to being in that scene from Mulholland Dr.

Experience Athens 360 – Littlstar

I’m not a huge fan of these tour videos due to their overabundance, but Experience Athens 360 was a delightful bike ride through some beautiful locations.  The music added a great ambiance.

Sunday walk: I follow the stealth drone – Vrideo 2k

Aero Fotografie has about 5 videos up on Vrideo, and they have been getting closer and closer to the perfect arial drone video.  Sunday walk brings you through a wooded area while some cool tribal music plays.  The only drawback is the 2K video but it’s a solid well done video.

Lip Sync Battle: Stephen Merchant – Milk VR

I will refrain from posting one of my YouTube videos from inside the Gear VR, as I don’t want to devalue the effect of seeing it in 360.  Lip Sync Battle is one of the few if not the only major syndicated television show to release content on a regular basis in 360.  You will need a Samsung Gear VR to check this one out.  Stephen Merchant is most famous for his work on producing The Office and Extras.  In this LSB 5 minute clip, he performs Christina Aguilera’s “Dirty” in one of the funniest LSB 360 Videos I have seen.

Stephen Merchant

Listen to the Beatles Cover at a São Paulo Festival – Littlstar 4k

This video brings you to Festa Junina, which means “June Festival”, in São Paulo, Brazil.  The entire video contains a great Beatles cover band singing the classics.

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