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Daily Dose 360 – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Daily Dose 360 – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

In Daily Dose 360 we take a look at the best 360 video releases of the day.  Omega Agent brings the first 360 videogame trailer, and popular Vlogger Roman Atwood does not bring us the first 360 Vlog.  Littlstar brings an amazing dance video, and Vrideo hosts footage from a long well done Airshow video.  A child in China takes us on an endearing bike ride through the city.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Littlstar

This is a very catchy 2 minute video filmed from Deep South The Bar in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Crazy is the best word I would use to describe it.  A guy brings it in some sort of cat costume while a girl dressed in gogo dancer apparel dances in the back.  It’s all around good fun.

Download Link for Gear VR Owners. *** Will start download *** (359 MB file size)

Omega Agent Trailer – Milk VR

I believe we have our first ever gaming trailer in 360 for Mobile VR.  Note 4 owners can get a taste of what they will be able to experience soon on the Milk VR app for Samsung Gear VR.

Omega Agent Trailer

Caught on 360 Cam – YouTube 1080p

While it may not be the first 360 Vlog as it claims to be, Roman Atwood’s premiere Vlog is setting up to be the most viewed 360 video on YouTube.  In less than 24 hours, it skyrocketed to almost 1 million views and shows no signs of slowing down.  Check it out and then go cry yourself to sleep knowing that this video might be the first exposure to VR 1 million viewers will have.

Lindinger Flugshow 2015 – Vrideo 2k

This is a great 21 minute video that takes us through a German Airshow.  The quality is very nice and the camera remains steady throughout the video.

What it’s like to be a Child Riding a Bike in China – YouTube 1080p (not full 360)

I usually don’t put up videos that are not full 360, but this one was just too charming to not mention.  A child takes charge of the 360 camera, and we follow him in a 15 minute video through the streets of China.  You can just hear the excitement in his voice as he experiences the joy of filming in 360.

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