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Daily Dose 360 – Bjork VR, Corvette Supermodels

Daily Dose 360 – Bjork VR, Corvette Supermodels

Bjork VR

In Daily Dose 360, we bring you the best 360 videos released today.  No compromises, even on a day like today where we would rather highlight 2 videos than show a lot of filler.  If you are a fan of Bjork or Corvette, your going to be pretty excited, as you can finally get up close and personal with both.

Don’t forget to make sure your YouTube App is updated so you can view these with Google Cardboard.

Bjork VR 360 “StoneMilker” – YouTube 4k

This is a beautiful 360 music video for Bjork’s “Stonemilker”.  I cannot stress enough how close she gets to the 360 camera.  It’s pretty cool as you really feel like you are there and it’s just you and Bjork.

Models and a Corvette

I think I have figured out why Littlstar added the auto repeat to their videos, as this hypnotizing video of two gorgeous models is released by Littlstar.  Oh, I almost forgot the 66 Corvette Convertible.  This photo shoot is done by Ben Scott Photography.

Also now available on Littlstar Gear VR App Streaming Only.

Download Link for Gear VR Owners. *** Will start download *** (437 MB file size)

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