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Daily Dose 360 – Beware the Exploding Geyser

Daily Dose 360 – Beware the Exploding Geyser

coca-cola bottle dance

In Daily Dose 360, we bring you the best 360 Videos from across the internet.  We suffer so you don’t have to.  In today’s Daily Dose 360, some tourists get too close to a geyser, some South Koreans show off their dance skills, we take a night helicopter ride across Las Vegas, and more.

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This is why Yellowstone has Guard Rails – YouTube 4k

Exploding Geysers

In this video, some people in Iceland get a little too close to a geyser and it erupts quite violently.  I hope nobody was hurt, but based off of the laughter following the eruption, I imagine they are fine.

Shoe Cobbler – YouTube 4k

shoe cobbler

There is no description for this video, but it looks like a market in a rural village.  It’s an interesting look at life in a different culture and how commerce works.

Coca-cola Bottle Dance – YouTube 4k

coca-cola bottle dance

I’m at a loss for words here.  You take on the perspective of a bunch of Coca-cola bottles being brought through a tunnel as people dance around you.  This looks like it’s from the official Coca-cola Mexico channel as well.

Las Vegas Night Helicopter Flight – YouTube 4k

Las Vegas Night Helicopter Flight

Ok, so there are a lot of tour videos out there, but this one is extremely well done and very high quality.  Fly over Las Vegas at night in a helicopter.  It’s very beautiful.

Sultry Dance – YouTube 4k

Sultry Dance

I have linked the teaser reel that shows  both the men and the women showing off their dancing skills.  These videos are produced by JS Entertainment, and you can visit their YouTube Channel for more of the videos.  Could this be what the 360 version of “So You Think You Can Dance” will be like?

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