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Best of Milk VR – Hunger Games

Best of Milk VR – Hunger Games

Best of Milk VR - Hunger Games Feature

It’s been a while but Milk VR, Samsung’s Virtual Reality 360° video app on the Gear VR, is back with some decent videos worth checking out.  There are a mix of some classic Gear Indie videos and a few new ones you can’t find anywhere else.

Best of Milk VR highlights the top releases every week on Milk VR.  We will now be posting Best of Milk VR columns when we have determined that there is enough solid content worth telling you about.  We figured it would be best to make a separate column for Milk VR, due to Google Cardboard owners not being able to access this content.

Again, to access this content you must load up the Milk VR App on your Gear VR Headset.

So without further ado, we bring our highlights from Best of Milk VR:

Galvanized Souls – New Generation

Galvanized Souls - New Generation

This is one of the videos that made it to the top of our Best 360° Music Videos Feature.  It’s a well directed music video with a pop vibe to it, and presents a wide variety of different locations throughout the song.

The VR Report (Cymatic Bruce, Tony Parisi, Blair Renaud)

The VR Report

Now this is a great new way to absorb our VR news!  The VR Report is the first 360 degrees news video we have seen, and while it just takes place around a round table, each episode is about 10 minutes long and it couldn’t be a more appropriate way to get your news about VR.  Did we mention it’s stereoscopic as well for all you picky 360° video viewers?  There are 3 total episodes so far with different guests on each.  The guests thus far are Cymatic Bruce from AltspaceVR Inc., early VR pioneer Tony Parisi, and Technolust developer Blair Renaud.

The only gripe I had with these videos is the audio, which sounded a bit strange.

BKB 3 Fight Highlights

BKB 3 Fight Highlights

The BKB app recently came out on the Gear VR, but the 360° monoscopic videos contained in it might not appeal to everyone in a standalone app.  If you want a taste of what kind of content is in that app before downloading, check out the fight highlights video on Milk VR first.

The Chosen Movie Trailer

The Chosen Movie Trailer

Ahh, another of hopefully many horror themed videos to come with Halloween just weeks away.  The Chosen Movie Trailer isn’t incredibly scary, but will appease your appetite for horror until you can see the entire movie.  Also, there are 2 jump scares for those sensitive to them.  This is a promo for The Chosen movie.

Exit 360

Exit 360

Exit is a festival covering a diverse lineup of  music.  This video shows off different highlights from the festival.  I’ve never heard of it before, but it’s on my radar now.

The Hunger Games VR

Hunger Games VR

Update 10/15/2015: A new version was uploaded to Milk VR.  The choppiness is mostly fixed, but the issues with the 3-D display on close-up objects like the beehive is still prevalent.

Check out our article on The Hunger Games VR for a more comprehensive look at the preview we got last week, but this is an incredible stereoscopic video, even if you are not a fan of the popular movie series. We do have to note that the jitter we experienced during the Hunger Games Preview Event in NYC is still very much present.  Either this is one hell of a coincidence, or the experience needs to be fixed on Gear VR, as it can be quite distracting.  Also, the stereoscopic effect seems to be a bit off.

We’ll see you next time!  Until then, you can find more of our favorite Milk VR videos on the 360 Videos Directory (select Milk VR as app).

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