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Become a Mouse Droid in Star Wars 360 Video

Become a Mouse Droid in Star Wars 360 Video

Star Wars 360 Video

Star Wars 360 Video – This has been one of the biggest highlights of E3 for me so far.  Made by Pipoca VFX, the just under 2 minute video let’s you take on the role of a mouse droid.  There is also a little mini-game included at the beginning to see if you can spot 3 different hidden objects in the scene.

Star Wars 360 Video Darth Vader

He looks 10x cooler with Google Cardboard

You enter the hangar of an Imperial Star Destroyer and it’s just beyond incredible seeing this in 360°.  After breezing along the upper walkway, you take a lift down to the main bay and move through a swarm of Storm Troopers.  Since you are the size of the mouse droid, who I still like to believe is R2D2, all the Storm Troopers appear gigantic as you move by them.

Star Wars 360 Video Hangar

Darth Vader can be seen walking right in front of you coming off of his ship, and there is a fun surprise at the end including Boba Fett.  I woke up an hour ago and have already watched this video over 10 times.  Need more to feed my Star Wars cravings!

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