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ASMR VR – Can You Feel the Tingle in 360?

ASMR VR – Can You Feel the Tingle in 360?

Creating an Entirely New Genre of 360 Videos

If you don’t know what ASMR is, don’t worry, you are not alone.  It is a pleasurable tingling sensation some people experience when listening to soothing sounds, or at least that’s my interpretation of it.  It could also be viewed as some incredibly weird stuff as some of my coworkers pointed out to me when I showed them K3YS, the first ASMR VR video released by Littlstar on their Gear VR app.  K3YS stars GentleWhispering, an ASMR superstar on YouTube.

Watch K3YS in a quiet room and if you feel nothing than you are one of many that isn’t affected by ASMR.

There is a huge internet subculture that is obsessed with this kind of stuff (admittedly I enjoy sometimes as well).  K3YS is quite a lengthy video (over 17 minutes).  I happened to stumble upon it just minutes after it was released, and enjoyed a buffer free viewing session of the video.  However, just a few hours later there were various reports across internet forums of the video stopping to buffer every few seconds, making it unwatchable.

UPDATE: I tried viewing it again today and the streaming issues seem to have been fixed.

Just before writing this, I put on my Gear VR and can confirm does indeed stop to buffer every 10-15 seconds.  The developers of Littlstar have announced via Reddit that they are working on fixing the streaming issue.  Until that happens, you could always start the video and wait an hour with the Gear VR on resting on your head if you are really eager to see it tonight.  There is currently no way to download videos on the Littlstar app.  The developers have been responsive in the past, so I can’t imagine the streaming issue continuing into tomorrow.

I don’t think I should have mentioned to my coworkers that I had previously enjoyed ASMR prior to this, as after they tried K3YS out in VR, they now view me in a “different” light.  To those not sensitive to those tingle sensations from ASMR, these kinds of videos come off as extremely bizarre.  Well, their loss.  I look forward to the next Littlstar ASMR release and hopefully by then all the streaming issues are resolved.

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