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A Taste of Kpop VR

A Taste of Kpop VR

Kpop VR 3

Fans of South Korean Pop music will now be able to get a taste of what Kpop VR 360° videos will be like.  If you haven’t been able to tell already based off my various coverage of everything Japanese, I like my K-pop from time to time.  There is a huge K-pop following in Japan, and you would be hard pressed to go without seeing multiple advertisements for groups like KARA, 2PM/2AM, and Super Junior.

YouTube channel 베레스트(Verest) 360 VR (TURN 360 VR) has uploaded 8 videos featuring both male and female dance teams performing to songs by Laysha, Rampage guys, and Bambino.  Actually, these might actually be the artists performing, but my Korean language ability is not even beginner level, so comment if you have additional knowledge and I will update the article.  Always important at VR Pill, these videos are all in 4k resolution, providing as real of an experience as it currently gets.

These are just dance teams performing to the songs, but once actual Kpop artists start releasing 360° videos, every hardcore Kpop fan is going to be racing to grab a Google Cardboard.

Below are the 8 videos available in order of current popularity.  As you might imagine, the male dance team videos are at the bottom.  You will need a Google Cardboard type headset to view these in VR, and if you have the money to throw down we recommend the Zeiss VR One which sells for about $120.  Even with just your PC or phone, you can still view in 360°.  Just move your phone around you or use WASD/Mouse on computer to interact with the video.  Click on the picture or title to go to the YouTube video.

밤비노 (Bambino) ‘오빠오빠’ Down mode – 1,129,473 views

Kpop VR 1

밤비노 (Bambino) ‘오빠오빠’ Eyes mode – 51,430 views

Kpop VR 2

레이샤(Laysha) Dance Down mode2 – 28,143 views

Kpop VR 3

레이샤(Laysha) Dance Down mode1 – 18,459 views

Kpop VR 4

레이샤(Laysha) Dance Eyes mode2 – 11,142 views

Kpop VR 5

레이샤(Laysha) Dance Eyes mode1 – 8,565 views

Kpop VR 6

렘페이지 가이즈(Rampage Guys) Dance Eyes mode – 4,421 views

Kpop VR 7


렘페이지 가이즈(Rampage Guys) Dance Down mode – 3,082 views

Kpop VR 8

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