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360 Video Directory Hits 1,000 Videos

360 Video Directory Hits 1,000 Videos

360 Video Directory Hits 1,000 Videos Feature

Ah the 360 Video Directory, our listing of the best 360° videos from all over the internet.  Once upon a time it was referred to as the Milk VR Directory, and just covered a handful of quality videos from the Milk VR App on the Samsung Gear VR.  Since then, it has grown strong, and hosts over 1,000 videos now from many genres, personally vetted by VR Pill.  We suffered through all the low quality and shaky ones, along with a garbage can next to the VR headset just in case, so you wouldn’t have to.  It’s still a work in progress and we are actively looking for a database genius to help turn it into the superstar it was born to be.  If you are that person, send us an email to feedme at vrpill dot com.

However difficult it may be, we will pick 3 of our favorites from each genre.

You might have noticed a lack of Daily Dose 360, our column that takes the creme of the crop from the world of 360° videos.  That was in preparation for this article, which is something akin to the king of Daily Dose 360 posts.  Below, we will list in no particular order our favorite videos from the directory in random categories of our choosing.  There will be no descriptions, just titles and video links.  So sit down, grab a cup of coffee or alcohol of choice, and get ready for a wild ride down memory lane.  However difficult it may be, we will pick 3 of our favorites from each genre.  If you have a different opinion, feel free to comment below or heckle us on Reddit.  We will only be listing videos that are able to be enjoyed by all, regardless of the VR device used (including our Oculus Rift friends).

Some of the links will lead to our directory, as they are hosted on multiple different platforms, therefore we give you the power of choice as to which you wish to view the video on.  We will try and give equal attention on the highlighted content between YouTube 360, Vrideo, and Littlstar.


Red Velvet (or the strangest interview)

Passport to Adventure

The Chris Gethard Show


Behind You

Horror House

360 Horror Series Ep3 Dismember


Epic Costumes

Pet T. Rex

Creepy Easter Bunny


These Guys Can Dance

Alma DeTango Buscandote


Dirrogate: Memories with Maya 3-D Stereo

What Happens Inside Your Body?

Dig Build Live


Grizzly Bear Snacking on 360 Camera

Puppy Play

Ambushed by Licking Cows


New York, New York at Tribeca Film Festival

Nicki Confronts Miley

Jennifer Lawrence on Conan360

Gaming (and gaming music?)

Portal 2 Want You Gone Acapella

Eve Online VR

Final Fight Reenactment


Why list 3 when you can have 15+?  Check out our Best 360° Music Videos.


Virtual Yellowstone

Grand Teton Adventure

GoPro Land Air And Sea



Welcome to Jeju Island

Guru Purnima

Sports, Fitness, General Movement

Expert Survival Race

Catalan Castellers

River Surfing

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Star Wars Droid

The Cryogenian

Neos The Universe Narrated Tour


Jaguar World Record Loop

Russian Sailor Falls Off Ship

Topless Parade Venice Beach


Moscow Go-go Girl

JS Ent. 1st. Mini Concert

Girls on Trampolines

And that’s all we got!  We hope you enjoyed our completely random genre selection.  Keep following our 360 Video Directory as we add new 360° videos to it at a random time every day.  Sometime in the future, we will reminisce about days when it was just 1,000 videos here, and most likely be walking through light field videos as well.

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