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360° MTV VMAs 2015 Clips now on YouTube

360° MTV VMAs 2015 Clips now on YouTube

MTV VMAs Nicki Confronts Miley

It wasn’t long ago that we caught im360’s first 3 hour long livestream of MTV’s Red Carpet in 360° at the Video Music Awards.  One of our biggest qualms about the livestream was that it ended as soon as the Award Ceremony started.  Just as we had predicted, footage in 360°, viewable on Virtual Reality Headsets, was uploaded to MTV’s YouTube Channel.

The livestream of the Red Carpet was a bit frustrating as those without a keen eye had no idea who they were looking at.  I must have seen all the celebs in the clips below, but I didn’t notice a few of them, as there was no commentary accompanying the livestream.  Hoping that future streams of events like these will include some sort of commentary.

This footage already includes some defining moments from the VMAs.  The following videos are most likely just the beginning with more to be added, but keep checking back as we will be updating this post with more 360° videos of the event as they appear on MTV’s YouTube Channel.

Update 9/9/2015: Kanye West VMA Vanguard Speech Highlights

Update 9/9/2015: Miley Cyrus Dooo It Performance

Update 9/5/2015: New Video – Puppy Cam on the Red Carpet

Update: 9/3/2015: New Video – Highlights from the Red Carpet

Nicki Minaj Confronts Miley Cyrus on Stage

The epic moment from the MTV VMAs 2015 (other than Kanye West’s announcement for President), is now available to relive over and over again in 360°.  Now time to wait for the Kanye announcement to hit their YouTube page.

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Squad Hit the Red Carpet

Miley Cyrus & Her Family on the Red Carpet

Britney Spears Hits the Red Carpet

Taylor Swift Poses for Photos on the Red Carpet

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